Lojong Cards and Booklet

Lojong Cards and Booklet
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Liberate yourself by examining and analyzing.

Photo by Chris McLennan

          New Zealand photographer Chris McLennan sought a way to get close-ups of lions in their natural habitat. His friend Carl Hansen provided him with a tool to do so – a remote-controlled buggy with a Nikon camera inside. The buggy worked well, and it turned out that these big cats were just as curious as their domesticated cousins. The lions enthusiastically investigated the strange, rolling critter, allowing McLennan to get some great shots. They eventually ended up using it for a chew toy, but thankfully the camera survived intact. Humans, like cats, have an internal mix of caution and curiosity, but it is our curious nature that helps us learn. The fifty-fifth slogan asks us to use this side of ourselves to investigate the situations that tie us up in emotional knots. Is it our anger, fear of reality, attachment, jealousy or pride that causes most of our mental afflictions? Looking more closely, we may find at the bottom of our distress is simply things aren’t as we wish them to be. Our mind keeps us in a continuous loop reacting to the problem rather than looking for rational ways to deal with it. Being teachable, the mind can learn that this repetitive pattern isn’t helpful. Reality won’t be affected, but it will free the mind to make space for considering other options.

Freedom derives from the resolve to truly recognize an affliction as the real enemy, rather than believing the cause of unhappiness is an outside agent. ~ B. Alan Wallace

For more information on the fifty-fifth slogan, go here.

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