Lojong Cards and Booklet

Lojong Cards and Booklet
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Train wholeheartedly.

Salmon run photo by Daniel J. Cox

          In autumn, mature salmon leave the ocean and return to the spawning beds from which they hatched. Most of them stop eating once they enter freshwater and focus solely on reaching their goal. Once there, the female salmon will dig a hole in the gravel with her tail and lay a few thousand eggs. The eggs are then fertilized by the male. All Pacific salmon and most Atlantic salmon will die after spawning, and the life cycle will start all over again. Like the determination that drives the migration of the salmon, slogan fifty-four instructs us to be just as wholehearted in our spiritual practice. Training is not meant to be a passing interest maintained only as long as long as our passion lasts. Instead it requires sincerity, enthusiasm and commitment. We are clear-sighted about our intentions and our challenges, relying on courage and an open heart to keep us swimming upstream. 

Dharma doesn’t promise wealth, a great job, perfect health, or respect. The goal of Dharma is to fulfill your innate capacity for happiness. ~ B. Alan Wallace

For more information on the fifty-fourth slogan, go here.

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